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Why Work With Candace?

Experience True Healing!

As the founder of Momentum Healing, I’ve had the honor of working with thousands on their healing journey, both humans and pets alike. I work with clients to get to the root cause of their issues whether they be mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual.

Your body talks to you in the language of pain. It is your body’s way of getting your attention. Pain lets you know something is wrong and that there is a symptom of imbalance within your body. I assist your body in releasing all kinds of emotional baggage at the root cause: past traumas, physical pain, generational or inherited trauma, energetic imbalances, trapped emotions, limited beliefs, and negative belief systems so that your body can heal itself, naturally. You have a powerful potential that lies within you—the power to heal!

Experiencing true healing involves a holistic approach that addresses physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. True healing is a deeply personal process. It's about honoring your own unique path and allowing yourself the time and space to grow and transform. Together, we uncover the imbalances within your body so you can live free of pain and past trauma.


Candace O'Brien

Body Code | Emotion Code™ Practitioner
body code practitioner badge Colorado Candace O'Brienemotion code practitioner badge Colorado Candace O'Brien

Heal Yourself Once and For All!

Healing is a personal journey and unique to everyone. Past traumas, conflicts, and emotional baggage may be at the root of your current pain, life challenges, and imbalances. This is because the energetic residue from these negative experiences lowers our overall vibration and frequency. Over time this may show up in the body, mind, and spirit as discomfort, pain, imbalance, and possibly disease.

Traumatic and negative events can become trapped in our bodies at the cellular level creating imbalances in systems, cells, organs, glands, bones, and tissues. These past experiences taint the way in which we see the world today and may ultimately be responsible for our current decisions and reactions. Left unaddressed, these energetic imbalances often lead to disease, discomfort, pain of all kinds, and ultimately a body, mind, and spirit that needs healing.

The imbalances someone carries must be released for complete healing to be realized. The less emotional baggage you have, the lighter you will feel, the higher your vibration will be, the greater your healing. Every imbalance we release brings you closer to the success of your own healing journey.

The Healing Journey

People often find themselves on “the path” or starting their healing journey because of a major life event that shocks them into taking inventory of their life and circumstances. These shocks can be a diagnosis, abuse, trauma, betrayal, health crisis, death, financial troubles, family drama, career pressure, addiction, anxiety, chronic pain, disease, depression, boredom, emptiness, job loss, severed relationship, weight gain/loss, failure, obsession with past, grief, bankruptcy, divorce, teenage angst, behavior issues; the list is infinite.
Healing is also about self-discovery, self-transformation, and self-empowerment. It's about truly getting to know yourself, your heart, and your spirit. It's about understanding why you are the way you are, as well as understanding the events and circumstances that make up your present-day life. This journey of healing is about finding your personal freedom, and inner joy.

I believe that you absolutely can heal from past traumas and upsets. You absolutely can learn to fill that internal void with health, love, and possibility. You absolutely can learn to love your life again! Trust the process and unlock your body’s ability to heal itself!
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