Momentum Healing


Intuitive Energy Coaching

Intuitive Energy Coaching is not therapy, and it is not counseling. Rather, it is a unique life coaching experience for adults, teens and couples that offers sustainable change and lasting impact by fast-tracking clients through any of life’s challenges.

I fast-track clients by helping them heal the root cause of their challenges. I educate people on how to identify, shift, and elevate their own energy, which allows them to regain control of every aspect in their lives. Clients learn tools, techniques, and concepts that allow them to dig deep within themselves to identify energetic patterns of thought and behavior that are blocking their momentum and growth. Together we shift these patterns and create space for new possibilities, greater passion, deeper relationships, and more fulfillment in all areas of life.
I work with clients who really want to effect change in their lives once and for all! It’s one thing to talk about change, it’s another to invest the time, effort, and brain power. I guide clients through all different types of situations: stress and overwhelm, anxiety, depression, finances, divorce, relationships, time management, weight loss, life purpose, business, etc. It doesn’t really matter what the topic is because as an Intuitive Energy Coach, I coach the energy a client has around the topic and not their story about it. Everything is energy and everything has a corresponding frequency!

As an energy worker, I am a catalyst for others’ change. I believe in self-discovery and personal transformation, and those who are willing to invest in their lives have the power to change their state of being in the world.
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