Momentum Healing



“Candace is a truly remarkable coach! She is able to assist you in getting to the core of situations quickly. Be ready to do your work and be willing to see how you are responsible for your experiences. She will walk with you on the journey, but she's not going to hold back in helping you deal with your blind spots. Other types of coaching/therapy I've experienced, at some point, fall short and cease to serve me well. Not Candace! She takes it to a new level. I seriously look forward to my time with her because I know it will be meaningful, heartfelt, and elevated! Momentum Energy Coaching is the PERFECT name for the work Candace does. You will leave feeling alive, motivated, and a better version of yourself!"  (HW)

“I cannot say enough good things about this amazing woman! As my coach, she has helped to propel my life in a way I was not able to do on my own. I leave every session energized and ready to take on the world! She and her service are invaluable - a priceless gift!” (MB) 

“After an extremely successful business career which included being President of 2 banks, starting 3 retail businesses, and serving in leadership positions on 30+ nonprofit Boards, I found myself in my next life transition. At 65 years old, I was floundering to find a way to continue with a purposeful future. I asked the world for help, and I was blessed that Candace appeared. Her spiritually-based coaching technique guided me through my very challenging time. She helped me focus by listing my future intentions for my life, which have brought me peace, energy, and harmony. I highly recommend Candace as a life coach!!!”  (MS) 

“Candace has a rare gift of insight that helped my son find more direction in his life. She is truly amazing.” (TW)

“Many people work with coaches and therapists to improve their lives and to get over emotional obstacles, traumas, self-sabotaging habits. I've known people who have worked for literally YEARS with someone to make these changes in their lives. Working with Candace, I have been able to make HUGE LEAPS FORWARD out of the gate. Candace has the ability to help me see my life from a distance so I can become aware of things that I never realized but that I can immediately recognize as truths. That clarity is essential to making the changes I need to make. She gets to the heart of the situation and gives clear tools so I can take action toward the life I want to live. For those who are open to it, the change is profound and immediate. It's hard to describe how easy it is with the right guidance and support in a safe space. If you have any doubts or questions, Candace has my permission to share my number. I'm happy to talk to anyone to share my experience in more detail. If you are reading this, you are clearly looking for help. I'm flat out telling you that Candace is the help you need. Just set an appointment. You will not regret taking this step forward!” (BT)

“After having recently gone through a divorce, I struggled with sadness, guilt, and finding my voice. I wasn't sure who my authentic self was. I began regular sessions with Candace at Momentum Energy Coaching who proved to be very beneficial. She held a light on my old patterns and how to find the ground I was already standing on. Every day it expresses itself in my relationships and in my work. I am self-employed and business is picking up speed like it never has before. Candace has the clarity to guide anyone through challenges with humor, kindness, and honesty.” (AS)

“Where to begin? I was at the bottom of the barrel when I met Candace. Below bottom. I was blessed to be referred by a good friend and I believe she was the life-changer in my struggle with life. Let me explain. Candace is real. Authentic. Vulnerable. All the things a good coach should be. She dares to take a journey with you and is always on your side. She challenges you in a way that motivates you; yet has so much compassion and empathy it’s although you are the presence of a best friend. Candace has done more for me than she knows. She inspires me to help people someday. I know with her mentorship that is possible. Please spend the money to have this person help YOU transform your life. She teaches you the skills you need to thrive. Highly, highly recommend.” (DB)

Energy Healings

“This was my second experience with chakra healing, and my first in-depth one. Also, the first one using Momentum Energy Coaching. I liked that there was an option for it to either be a stand-alone session as needed or ongoing coaching with either healings or intuitive life coaching. It's an impactful space to connect and realign your life."  (JP)

“Candace's exuberant love for life makes her such a joy to be around. She has helped so many people and this community is lucky to have her! “(MR)

"The crystal bed is an amazing experience. It is meditative, spiritual, and relaxing. My mind can either let go or focus, whatever it needs to do to bring clarity. I highly recommend it." (EL)

“What can I say? I was a total skeptic. I was invited to one of Candace's workshops and I am so glad I went! She gave me the tools I needed to set intentions each day and trust the universe to give me the tools I needed to make my intentions, my reality. Most recently, I was able to experience her Chakra Healing Bed and it was incredible! Relaxing with soothing music and warm blankets for an hour during the day has NEVER had the impact this had on my state of mind. I have been more productive and less scattered since this experience, and I cannot wait for my next session. Thank you, Candace!” (MH)

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