Momentum Healing
May 14, 2024

The Walk - Introduction

As most of you know, I’ve decided to take the month of May for a spiritual pilgrimage, walking across Spain on the Camino Del Norte. It’s over 500 miles from Irun to Santiago. I’ve chosen this route because it’s the most difficult. Why? I’m not sure. Why do I feel the need to walk across Spain? I’m not sure.

So very many of you have reached out with your warm wishes, and words of encouragement. I thank you so much for it all!

I’m 2 1/2 weeks into this journey, this big adventure. And it’s taking me this long to get into the groove, and to truly internalize the fact that this journey is not about the miles. Not even a little bit. 

I won’t be posting my days in detail, but I will be sharing thoughts, observations, awareness-es, and knowingness-es along the way. If you enjoy them, please know there will be another one coming in a few days.

With that said, I think I’m starting day 16 or 17 at this point I can’t remember, but I do know I’m almost halfway there. The days tend to blur when you’re walking 6 to 8 hours a day, sometimes in the brutal heat and most of the time in the pouring rain. There’s so much time to think, process, and notice what bubbles up to the surface... 

Like many others, before this trip I felt like I was quite evolved, that I had figured out most things at my ripe ol’ age. And really what I’m coming to understand is that the learning never ends. The healing never ends. There’s always more to learn and there’s always more to heal.

As I set out on my path today, I walk with the Universe on my side, knowing that the answers to all the questions that I have are in the miles that are laid out before me. 

Thank you for reading. I’ll be in touch.

And now I must WALK. 
To your healing!
~Candace ❤️

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