Momentum Healing
January 19, 2023

Watch Your Words

In every initial meeting with clients, I pay attention to what they say, and how they say it. Even before they describe the circumstances of their lives, I can tell by their word choice where they are in life, and how easy or difficult things might be for them.

Everything is energy including the words you use. There is a corresponding frequency for each word that you speak into existence. The words you choose add to your personal energy field which is always interacting with other energy fields throughout the day. What you say to yourself, and about yourself matters.

One of the first concepts I teach clients is to Watch Your Words, because words and their frequencies ultimately create your outer world whether your words are negative or positive, disempowering, or empowering.

In order to change, the first step is always awareness – to be in awareness of how you have been speaking and the words you have been choosing. It takes some effort to monitor your words, but it is so worth it. You might start by asking yourself: are the words I use uplifting and contributing to greater possibilities in my life? Are they supportive? Do they make me feel good? Or are these comments heavy, dark, and unsupportive? Do these comments feel limiting and constricting?

I always tell clients that there are two ways to speak: with Fear or with Love. Fear has a very specific frequency as does Love. And if you think about it, anything you say that is fear based, you can tweak so that it is love based. Love based words always carry a higher frequency and expand your personal frequency and energy field.

Here are a few examples:

Fear Based
I'm so stupid
I don't know
My life stinks
Nothing ever works out for me
Here we go again...

Love Based
I can learn
I look forward to finding out
I can change my life for the better
There are opportunities for growth!
What can I learn from this?

While these tweaks might seem simple and insignificant, they are tremendously powerful. If you are in a pattern of self-criticism, victim mentality, or unworthiness it is time to require more of yourself and change the language you use. When you know better, you do better, step by step.

To your freedom!


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